Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Time

Won't even try to catch up since it's been the entire fall I've passed by. But here we are at Christmas time again and I feel as though it was just here. Is it just me or is time whizzing by???? Crazy thing, time...

So tonight it's just Brent and I and our youngest Blake home. We've been playing games, making goodies like puppy chow and chocolate covered stawberries, and reading by the fire and the Christmas tree. Lovely winter/Christmas time things to do. I honestly do not mind winter except the driving in it part. Gives me a good excuse to do indoor things that I enjoy but feel guilty doing when it's gorgeous outside.

So I was doing childhood memories the other day with my cousin Carrie and it made me think about writing down as many as I could remember, you know, before Alzheimer's sets in. Here are some of my favorite childhood Christmas memories....

Waking up and tip toeing out to a living room chuck full of goodies! Especially the year I got the Barbie pool and "Santa" had actually taken the time to fill the pool and put the Barbies all around it like I caught them in the middle of a great pool party.

Winning the Santa that our classroom built that was four feet high and really fat out of plaster of paris and newspaper. It was the first thing I ever won and I was soooo excited. There is a picture I know I have somewhere with my brother Lyle and I sitting with it. Silly...

My Grandpa Forcia showing up for our annual Christmas Eve Christmas party and very seriously telling us he had just run over Rudolf. I remember all of us cousins totally believing him and freaking out.

The year my cousin Nikki and I swore we saw Santa climbing in through a window down the street from her house in Dewitt. I later figured out it was an American flag flapping around but man did I believe! I still drive by that house today and think of that memory...really...

Dancing with my grandma to Christmas songs in her dinning room...her hair was blazing red and piled up in a behive she did even after it went out of fashion...and she wore an apron every time I saw her like the ladies of old...other times of the year she danced polka's with me.

The first Christmas I was to have to spend alone, sophmore year of college...thought I could handle it and then about 10 pm that night I called my mom and told her I was heading up to where she was at my Grandma's...a two hour drive! This actually brings tears to my eyes becuase I totally remember how I felt that night...nobody should be alone on Christmas...

The first Christmas I spent married to my best friend. He bought me a VCR...I know there had to have been more but I really remember that VCR beucase it was 1989 and it was very cool to own one, LOL. We felt very grown up....a couple of weeks later we found out we were already pregnant with Grant that night.

Our first Christmas with our own child, Grant...he didn't even get it being only a couple of months old but we thought it was pretty cool. I remember we got him a wind up music box toy thing.

But the very very very best memories are the ones that we made for our children. Never have I had so much fun in all my life than I had doing Christmas for my children. Brent sneaking out the bathroom window to jingle bells outside the house, Santa throwing up the cookies on the Santa plate, Santa leaving footprints on the fireplace, reading the Christmas story from the Bible to the children and then reading A Night Before Christmas while they were all cuddled in their matching footy pajama's, Christmas Eve services, Christmas Eve driving by houses with the best lights, early Christmas presents the kids would start begging for around December 10th (and Brent teasing them by letting them open toothbrushes), the looks on their faces on Christmas morning when they would come down the stairs in the morning (at 5 am!), our special Christmas breakfast pizza from Fabiano's we'd get the night before....

how quickly it was all over....last year everyone slept till almost 8 and we had to actually roll Grant out of his bed becuase the other two wanted to get started. No one "believes" anymore, obviously....I guess if they still did I would have to be worried, LOL. All the magic is gone...for now...I guess until we have grandbabies start coming around. For now we have a small drought of Christmas magic...but it's still waiting in my heart for the next chapter in my life.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer So Far - JUNE

Ooppps! Summer hit and I didn't get back around to blogging! Well, I'll have to do some catching up here. We've been having a great time. Brent finally agreed to getting us a pool after years of begging....and then it's been the coolest summer on record and the pools hardly been used! That's the only bummer this summer. But we've still had some fun with it.

Next, Ashley graduated! Yeah! We had a wonderful graduation weekend this time, compared to Grant's last year with the deadly storms! Ashley's went off without a hitch, thank God. Tons of family and friends came to celebrate with us.

After graduation we went on our first vacation with the Ziglers to Yogi Bear park. We took Blake and Ashley and Ava and Kyle. It was a very fun park and I highly recommend it for people with young kids. You will stay busy from sun up to sun down!

Yogi Bear Trip.....

Well, I'll post July later....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Rare Moment

Saturday was a rare moment for me....actually ended up, somehow, with all three of my babies in the van with me to go out shopping for clothes. Sounds silly for me to think this so awesome but I haven't had everyone in the car with me in a while and in the old days, me and my three kiddos were always hanging together, homeschooling, field trips, shopping, out to lunch, etc, while dad was at work. It was an every day thing for years and years....after Grant graduated last year, I think we have all been in the car together ONCE! Then there was yesterday....I'm sentimental...but other than the debates Grant loves to have about politics and religion, it was so fun. Felt like old times hanging with my kiddos, driving around running errands. Got everyone clothes for this coming weekend for Ashley's graduation and open house. Feeling very sentimental about that too....can't believe how fast I have two of my babies grown up and out! Way too fast.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Write about the Peaceful Times Too

Just to be fair, I thought I'd actually pop on when the aliens let my kids come and visit. You know, I shouldn't always write about the horrible parts of raising teens. Sometimes there are good times still, like the old days.

Grant calls me last night and says to scratch his old plan of not returning to school this fall (which had soooo disappointed us - nothing good ever comes of taking time off from college, not in my opinion anyway). Now he's going to go ahead and keep going. Yeah!

You know, you can't make these kids do anything. You can tell them to please learn from your 40 years of wisdom. They want to figure things out themselves. And I get that, I do. I remember wanting to make my own way. I mean, I completly left the state at 18 years old and moved myself to Colorado. Loved being on my own in my OWN town. Loved buying my car byself and getting myself a job and paying my own bills. I get it. But it sure would be nice if they did listen a bit. Well, maybe he did since he's going to keep going.

Ashley is mellowing with graduation nearing. I remember getting nuts as it came around. It made me stressed out. Ashley seems to be taking it all in stride. That makes things a lot easier on mom, for sure! She layed down in bed with me this past week too...hadn't done that in months...was very nice....short cuddle. So sad those are pretty much gone but I understand they have to be. She's pretty much a grown up after all as is Grant. Just sad they're gone.

Blake has stepped back in to the public schools and tested beyond his grade after a year back home. Perfect! yeah! He had dropped considerably after two years at public school (6th and 7th) compared to his first six years of schooling at home. That's why we pulled him to get him back on track and he is. Tested post high school in vocabulary and comprehension, 10th grade in language arts, ready for 9th in math even when there was still six weeks of school left. I feel very good about having pulled him and gotten him back on track. At the end of 7th they were going to hold him back!

Well, anyway, thought I should post good news too!

Friday, May 8, 2009

More Prom Pics

PROM 2009
Grand Ledge High School

Tonight both Grand and Ashley went to the Grand Ledge prom. Ashley took her boyfriend of four months and Grant took his girlfriend who is still in high school.

We followed them around tonight to meet friends and take pics. I'm so glad they got to go to one prom together. Loved the photo op of them together. Here are a few pics.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A blast from the past....found an old poem I wrote for my son Grant just before he turned 10. It is published on another site I used to write for way back in 2000. And now he is 18 years old!!! This brought tears to my eyes....

Poem for my Firstborn on the ache of his growing up

Jul 09 '00

I decided that I would like to share with you a special poem that I wrote for my first born child, a son. He is soon to be 10 years old and I just can not figure out where the years went. It was just yesterday that I nursed him at my breast and kissed his baby sweet belly while counting his chubby toes. Now, he is running off to be with his friends, playing big boy sports, and hunting with his dad. He still will cuddle with me on occaision but these times are begining to get farther and farther between. It really breaks my heart. I know I have raised a very happy and confident son and his moving away from me and into the world is the right thing but it still hurts, as I am sure all of you who have gone through this know. Here is the poem that I wrote for him a few months ago.

Swaying back and forth
Me and my baby
Hugging and holding my firstborn
Under my heart
When you were inside
Under my heart
And I was swaying back and forth
Dreaming of you
And what you would be
Now here you stand
Getting so tall and grown up
No longer my baby
Now my little man
And I ask you
If you remember
Remember the way I would sway with you
Before you were born
And when you were a baby
And you say "Yes"
You remember
You say "This feels real mom"
And my heart melts feeling you sway with me
Back and forth
Under my heart
Then you look up at me and smile
"Love you mom" you say
Then your gone
Down the road with your friends
And I stand there watching you
As I sway back and forth
Empty arms knowing how few times are left
To hold you under my heart
Swaying back and forth

The time really is short. My mother tried to tell me this and I didn't believe her when I had a screaming two year old and newborn. Now they are almost 10 and almost 9 and I long for the two sweet babies to hug and hold. I had a third baby much later and his time flew even faster. I hardly remember his babyhood at all. It went so fast. So cherish the days that you have, even when you feel you are at your wits end. It is all over very quickly and you too will find yourself swaying back and forth with empty arms.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aliens Took My Children - Watch Out, They'll Come for Yours too!

Went through some old pictures tonight with the mother and mother-in-law. Just had to take pics of some and put them on here and Facebook. The memories that come out of them, wow. See these cute little guys in red??

Well, here's the weird thing. I really, really think Aliens came down and stole them and replaced them becuase these teenagers in my house are NOTHING like these guys here. NOTHING. I've thought this before but figured people would think I'm crazy. Maybe those out there that read this that have teenagers can relate, maybe not. But I think it. I think it so much sometimes I get sad.

Now these wonderful guys here in costumes, still my kids. The aliens had not come yet. And they wouldn't come for quite a few years yet. I figure they took them slowly. Grant was the first one to be replaced. It happened somewhere about the time he turned 16. And it was quick too. One night he came for a cuddle in my bed when the whole house was asleep (he did this a lot, all the way to 16...I looked forward to it so much) and the next day he was different and never came again to cuddle and chat with me. He began being rude and disrespectful and making messes he didn't clean up. Brent and I called him the rude roommate.

Then, about a year later they came for Ashley. She was about 15. They must come for the girls earlier, i don't know. She went from this sweetie pie that people would stop me and ask "how did you raise such a sweet girl?? Tell us the trick?" to another rude roommate. Very weird.

So we are down to one kid. He's still quite a bit younger than the 16 and 15 that the other two got taken so we might be safe for awhile. I sure hope so. I don't really want to lose another one to those aliens.

My question is, do they bring them back? My mom says they do. Either at age 24 or when they have a child, which ever one comes first. I'm looking forward to seeing my kids again then I guess. I sure miss them.

: )

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why is it....

...that teenagers are what they are?? Do we need to be tested?? Do we have to payback for what we did to our own parents as teenagers?? Or is it just the way we get our gray hair for old age? Whatever the reason, I still have to sit and wonder what God was planning when he gave us teenagers. The very word is a problem for me. "Teenagers" If you search throughout history you will NOT find that word in existence before America had at least 48 of it's states. So who created it? And do they "really" exist, these "teenagers"? Sometimes I think that they didn't exist before the word and that children of that age were just as sweet as the rest of the ages at some point back in history. Once the word was created, then they felt they better live up to it and started misbehaving. That's my feeling anyway, take it or leave it for yourself. But I really think if we hadn't of labeled them all things would be fine. Just like if you label a child "troubled" more times than not they will live right up to that name.

So why do I lament today? Well, I'm on my second one (yes, I have three teenagers but the third and youngest one has not REALLY hit it yet and so I don't count him) and I'm wore out. The other night after yet another battle with a teen who thinks they know EVERYTHING and have no qualms about telling it all to my face in not such a nice voice I decided I was done. No, not done with my children. Done with teenagers and so I sat down and prayed and gave them to God. They are really His after all. He just gave them to me for awhile. So, now I'm giving them back. I told Him that they are in His hands (which they always were anyway but I'm verbalizing it so I KNOW with certainty). And let me tell you, I feel better than I have in three years! That's how long it's been, just shy of three years since the oldest of my dearest, sweetest, most adorable children took on the label of "teenager" and started us on this wild ride.

All I can do at this point is go on my knees and pray and pray for these children to not get so lost they can't find their way home. Pray that they continue to know God like they've know Him as a child. A wise parent of three grown children once told me "The only thing you can do as a parent of teenagers is PRAY PRAY PRAY". So that's what I'm doing.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Girl Weekend in Detroit

So we've done Chicago twice and decided to take on Detroit for our girl weekend with my sister Christine and neice Brittany. Ashley and I joined them at my brothers holtel in Dearborn, the Hyatt Regency. Wow, what a gorgeous hotel. We were totally pampered and spoiled. It was awesome. Stayed up till 3:00 in the morning taking like teenagers (my sister and I, the actually proverbial "teenagers" passed out about 1:00). Here are some quotes from the weekend:

"At least I can find my own mashed potatoes!" Ashley
"I ordered potatoes, where are they??" Christine
"You mean Canada isn't part of the United States???" Ashley and Brittany the homeschool girls
"Don't pee on my laptop!" Angela to Christine
"Scallops!" Ashley
"Hey, ask Chris, I mean Rich!" Ashley talking about the waitor
"He's so cute I want to dunk him in my coffee" Ashley
"Today, Barrak Obama adds Canada as teh 51 first state." Brittany
"Is that how you get your exercise Barry?" As he drops his keys for the 100th time and bends over to pick them up.
"We're losing her!" Brittany about ash falling asleep, but no, the phone vibrates and she's up.
"Can I go to bed now?" Ashley
"Christine, don't you eat too much!" Dad from facebook (even though he wasn't here, he WAS!)
"But facebook IS real!" Angela after being told that Lonny doens't believe.
"Why do they call it Red Bull when it is yellow?? Why not call it yellow Bull?? " Brittany after her first can of Red Bull
"Why are some letters cooler than others???" Angela
"Yeah, P is such a nerdy letter" Christine
"Take my pulse!" Brittany have her can of Red Bull
"Wait Aunt Angi!! I dropped my shoe out of the car!" Brittany
"Whoa, naked aunt!" Ashley when she forgot to knock.
"Psych Chris, Um, I mean Rich" Ashley
"Sounds like a book title - Rich and the Magic Forks!" Christine
"What are you looking at swan??" Ashley
"I can't get to the plates!" Brittany
"Why did you stop at the yellow light?" Brittany to Aunt Angi when she pulled nicely to a stop at a red light - doesn't it make you wonder how she drives??? to which I explained to her that yellow means slow down. to which she says "Oh, okay, I've been doing it wrong."
"It's just better at the Hyatt." All of us

Yes, every single one of them in an inside joke but I'm sure it will bring back memories for years to come when we read them. We were all laughing so hard this weekend our sides hurt. Shoot, my jaw is aching!

You can see all the pictures if you are interested on my facebook but here are a couple teasers.