Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer So Far - JUNE

Ooppps! Summer hit and I didn't get back around to blogging! Well, I'll have to do some catching up here. We've been having a great time. Brent finally agreed to getting us a pool after years of begging....and then it's been the coolest summer on record and the pools hardly been used! That's the only bummer this summer. But we've still had some fun with it.

Next, Ashley graduated! Yeah! We had a wonderful graduation weekend this time, compared to Grant's last year with the deadly storms! Ashley's went off without a hitch, thank God. Tons of family and friends came to celebrate with us.

After graduation we went on our first vacation with the Ziglers to Yogi Bear park. We took Blake and Ashley and Ava and Kyle. It was a very fun park and I highly recommend it for people with young kids. You will stay busy from sun up to sun down!

Yogi Bear Trip.....

Well, I'll post July later....