Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Girl Weekend in Detroit

So we've done Chicago twice and decided to take on Detroit for our girl weekend with my sister Christine and neice Brittany. Ashley and I joined them at my brothers holtel in Dearborn, the Hyatt Regency. Wow, what a gorgeous hotel. We were totally pampered and spoiled. It was awesome. Stayed up till 3:00 in the morning taking like teenagers (my sister and I, the actually proverbial "teenagers" passed out about 1:00). Here are some quotes from the weekend:

"At least I can find my own mashed potatoes!" Ashley
"I ordered potatoes, where are they??" Christine
"You mean Canada isn't part of the United States???" Ashley and Brittany the homeschool girls
"Don't pee on my laptop!" Angela to Christine
"Scallops!" Ashley
"Hey, ask Chris, I mean Rich!" Ashley talking about the waitor
"He's so cute I want to dunk him in my coffee" Ashley
"Today, Barrak Obama adds Canada as teh 51 first state." Brittany
"Is that how you get your exercise Barry?" As he drops his keys for the 100th time and bends over to pick them up.
"We're losing her!" Brittany about ash falling asleep, but no, the phone vibrates and she's up.
"Can I go to bed now?" Ashley
"Christine, don't you eat too much!" Dad from facebook (even though he wasn't here, he WAS!)
"But facebook IS real!" Angela after being told that Lonny doens't believe.
"Why do they call it Red Bull when it is yellow?? Why not call it yellow Bull?? " Brittany after her first can of Red Bull
"Why are some letters cooler than others???" Angela
"Yeah, P is such a nerdy letter" Christine
"Take my pulse!" Brittany have her can of Red Bull
"Wait Aunt Angi!! I dropped my shoe out of the car!" Brittany
"Whoa, naked aunt!" Ashley when she forgot to knock.
"Psych Chris, Um, I mean Rich" Ashley
"Sounds like a book title - Rich and the Magic Forks!" Christine
"What are you looking at swan??" Ashley
"I can't get to the plates!" Brittany
"Why did you stop at the yellow light?" Brittany to Aunt Angi when she pulled nicely to a stop at a red light - doesn't it make you wonder how she drives??? to which I explained to her that yellow means slow down. to which she says "Oh, okay, I've been doing it wrong."
"It's just better at the Hyatt." All of us

Yes, every single one of them in an inside joke but I'm sure it will bring back memories for years to come when we read them. We were all laughing so hard this weekend our sides hurt. Shoot, my jaw is aching!

You can see all the pictures if you are interested on my facebook but here are a couple teasers.

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