Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aliens Took My Children - Watch Out, They'll Come for Yours too!

Went through some old pictures tonight with the mother and mother-in-law. Just had to take pics of some and put them on here and Facebook. The memories that come out of them, wow. See these cute little guys in red??

Well, here's the weird thing. I really, really think Aliens came down and stole them and replaced them becuase these teenagers in my house are NOTHING like these guys here. NOTHING. I've thought this before but figured people would think I'm crazy. Maybe those out there that read this that have teenagers can relate, maybe not. But I think it. I think it so much sometimes I get sad.

Now these wonderful guys here in costumes, still my kids. The aliens had not come yet. And they wouldn't come for quite a few years yet. I figure they took them slowly. Grant was the first one to be replaced. It happened somewhere about the time he turned 16. And it was quick too. One night he came for a cuddle in my bed when the whole house was asleep (he did this a lot, all the way to 16...I looked forward to it so much) and the next day he was different and never came again to cuddle and chat with me. He began being rude and disrespectful and making messes he didn't clean up. Brent and I called him the rude roommate.

Then, about a year later they came for Ashley. She was about 15. They must come for the girls earlier, i don't know. She went from this sweetie pie that people would stop me and ask "how did you raise such a sweet girl?? Tell us the trick?" to another rude roommate. Very weird.

So we are down to one kid. He's still quite a bit younger than the 16 and 15 that the other two got taken so we might be safe for awhile. I sure hope so. I don't really want to lose another one to those aliens.

My question is, do they bring them back? My mom says they do. Either at age 24 or when they have a child, which ever one comes first. I'm looking forward to seeing my kids again then I guess. I sure miss them.

: )

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jennie said...

Oh the pictures are all SO CUTE!!!

To be honest with you, I cannot not even try to wrap my brain around the fact that kids change SO much. And I am pretty sure there is nothing a parent can do to prepare for it. Scary.

Dang aliens, anyway.