Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Kids

Here is Blake thinking he's way too cool ....I just found this picture on my camera. Don't know when he took it but I just bought him that jacket last week. LOL
This is Grant and his girlfriend Ally. Ashley gave me this picture off her MySpace. I thought it was sooooo cute! He probably doesn't even know I have it!

And my one and only girl....this is Ashley's pic from her camera but I just thought it was too cute. Love her happy smile....and don't knwo what is up with two of my kids taking pics of themselves in the mirror.

Just thought I'd throw in some current pics of my kiddos, snapshots. I rarely do the snapshot thing but I know I should more. Brent actually gets after me for always having posed/professional shots. Sheesh, what a problem! Anyway...

1 comment:

jennie said...

Agree, I do love snapshots!
Love these especially because I am looking at 3 different personalities, 3 different times in life. They say a lot.

I think the mirror shot is the "in" thing. Much easier than setting the timer;) Even Summer has done it!