Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Rare Moment

Saturday was a rare moment for me....actually ended up, somehow, with all three of my babies in the van with me to go out shopping for clothes. Sounds silly for me to think this so awesome but I haven't had everyone in the car with me in a while and in the old days, me and my three kiddos were always hanging together, homeschooling, field trips, shopping, out to lunch, etc, while dad was at work. It was an every day thing for years and years....after Grant graduated last year, I think we have all been in the car together ONCE! Then there was yesterday....I'm sentimental...but other than the debates Grant loves to have about politics and religion, it was so fun. Felt like old times hanging with my kiddos, driving around running errands. Got everyone clothes for this coming weekend for Ashley's graduation and open house. Feeling very sentimental about that too....can't believe how fast I have two of my babies grown up and out! Way too fast.....

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