Saturday, October 18, 2008

and the beginning is more like the end that is a beginning

confused? yeah, i usually am too. I'm beginning this new blog (and abandoning my old one) when it's practically the end of this season in my life. The season of my motherhood (the motherhood that you are mothering 24/7). But, that end will also bring a beginning. The beginning of my life with my hubby and I being together with no underage children we are responsible for. We are truely at a point where we're looking forward to this.

But I'm going to quickly. Even though that new beginning is close, it's not here yet and don't get me wrong, i don't want to rush these last few years. I'm cherishing every moment. Eating up every hug and cuddle (however few they are getting to be - Grant). Living the most of every family moment, family game, family car ride, family vacation. Becuase I know how quickly it goes. I blinked the other day and my daughter was driving the car. Then I blinked again and Blake had a date!! What? Next thing I know I'll blink and Brent and I will be alone in the house, in the quiet, in the privateness.....

So, I decided to abandon my old blog and start one where I'm concentrating on these last few precious years of "being freed" here at our home. I know i'm making it sound more dramatic that it is. I mean, they aren't disappearing off the face of the earth. But things are going to be different. They will have their own lives that center around themselves. Brent, and I, and our home will be on the outside orbiting, waiting for them to slow down so we can work in family time. Family time won't just happen. Family time will have to be worked on and planned.

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jennie said...


I didn't know you were a blogger!
ME too!

Oh the cousins shoot is just

And your girl is just amazing. Gosh, just breathtaking.

Adding your blog to my favorites:)