Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jack Van Impe

Wow, just got back from seeing Jack Van Impe tonight at church. Wow. What a wonderful speaker and his message tonight on the end times was incredible. I could never tell you everything about it so if you're interested in God or the end times or salvation, or anything, his site is great. . Or you could talk to me too. Anyway, I took my whole family tonight, even my mom and Grant's girlfriend. I sure hope they all took it in.

And just for myself, thinking about what I heard tonight, makes me want to get more on fire for God and do more to spread his word and his love. I know my main mission field is my children and I've been doing that since the day they were born. And I loved doing the Young Christian Leaders Group I started with a friend at my old school. But I'm not there any more and I want to do something more like that again. I'll be praying that God gives me some more things to do. I actually am going to stay a little involved with the Young Christian Leaders from my old school. The guy I started it with called me last week and asked if I could at least go to the activities and help with the devotions at the activities. I jumped at the chance for sure. I miss those guys. Well, I'm doing a lot of thinking tonight for sure.

God is awesome! And in case anyone reading this doesn't know, God does love you, just like a mother or father loves their children (and all of us with children know how much that love encompasses us). And this is how I've been feeling since i've had teenagers. We are teenagers to God's parenting....acting out, sinning, partying, and then trying to be good, trying to be respectful, you know, bouncing around like teenagers do, all the drama. The same way I feel about my teenagers I know God feels for me, for all of us. He just keeps loving even when we mess up. And he waits patiently for us to come back if we run off on a crazy time.

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jennie said...

Great post Ang. You are so right. Thanks for the reminder and insight:)