Monday, October 20, 2008

random thoughts on a monday

why are teenagers Well, my mom's says so it doens't hurt so bad when they leave. Hmmmm, she just might be right.

Rainy fall days are awesome, seriously, call me crazy but I love them! cuddle up with a book by the fire awesome.

Ashley is not happy tonight - we took the land line phone all the way down to basic so she can't use it anymore except for quick calls. She is so in love with her daddy now! NOT! We just figure it's dumb paying for it when we all (except Ash) have cell phones. I'm only keeping it so the house has a phone - meaning Ashley - for emergencies.

Spent a while teaching Blake tonigth about the French and Indian War. Love history - I get so into it and he's like "yeah, mom, got it, can we move on??" Then we did his math and he got 100%. His math is now an overall A and last year he was so NOT an A, if you get my meaning. Brent and I are so proud of him.

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jennie said...

I cant even think about mine being teenagers. YIKES!

And for the record, I would have freaked if I couldnt spend hours on the phone at 16/17 years old. But we did the same thing here with our landline.

Lets get Caroline on the blogger wagon! I would love to be able to "stalk" you both!