Saturday, October 25, 2008

More of the Senior Shoot

Here are a couple more pics of Ashley's shoot with me the day we went driving around. The goofy girl of mine just changed right in the car without a care in the world! I would never have done that when I was her age. But I love this color on her. I have to remember that and buy her more stuff this shade. I can't believce what it does for her. This is two different spots but the one with the woods in the background was so gorgeous. the wind was blowing leaves down while we were shooting and it was very peaceful. I coul dhave sat there all day. Anyway, as always I ask, isn't my daughter just so pretty???

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jennie said...

Yeah, thats a really good color on her, her eyes pop and its great contrast against the brown leaves. YOu make me want to get the kids out for another shoot...according to the weather, it wont be until thursday.