Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time with my Daughter

Went off this afternoon with my daughter to take pictures for her senior shoot. We are totally spreading it out and she's able to do her hair differently each time. We had fun driving around the back roads looking for spots. We stopped at one place and off in the distance there were cows. Ashley said "hey mom, lets get a picture with a cow!" What a doof! Then, and this is how you will know she is bipolar, i turn around and see some of those cool rolled hay bails, you know, the ones that are taller than you are?? I ask her to pose with that and she says "what do you think I am? a country girl??" She bounces around so much like that! Let me tell you. Well, here is an example of what we got today.

This one was taken toward the setting sun so a very different look. Isn't my girl beautiful?

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jennie said...

Stunning! Love the red chair. And I think the hay bales would have been fab, country chic, like Taylor Swift. But honestly you could take a pic of her at Taco Bell and she would look great.